Hi I’m Jen, an amateur landscape photographer, originally from the South East of England, but now living and working in West Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District National Park.
I’m relatively new to photography, getting my first ‘proper’ camera in the summer of 2014, after being encouraged by friends to start documenting the beautiful places I’ve always enjoyed visiting.
I am mostly self taught. I understand the exposure triangle and the histogram, but beyond that it is the landscapes that inspire the photos that you will see here. I’m passionate about this small island, the diversity of it’s topography, but also the influence of it’s people on the place. So, you will see buildings, old boats and structures, seascapes as well as landscapes, intimate scenes and far reaching vistas.

“The precious moments of life are too rare, too valuable to be forgotten when they have passed; we should hoard them as a miser hoards his gold, and bring them to light and rejoice over them often. We should all of us have a treasury of happy memories to sustain us when life is unbearably cruel, to brighten the gloom a little, to be stars shining through the darkness.”
– Alfred Wainwright

My photographs provide me with those memories. I hope in some way they can do the same for you.
Best wishes,


See Gear page for information on the equipment I use.

See NiSi Filters page for information about why I use the NiSi Filters System and more about the products.