NiSi Filters

I have been using NiSi Filters since 2016. I chose NiSi originally because I loved the design of the V5 pro system (now improved with the V6 ) with it’s the geared adapter ring allowing the Landscape Polariser to be easily rotated into position. The build quality has been exceptional and I’m still using my original system. I have been equally impressed with the image quality achieved from the filters and their ease of use in the field.

I was appointed a Lenslight NiSi Ambassador in 2019 and am happy to be contacted to discuss my experiences or to give advice on particular products. You can use the Contact page here or feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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Nisi V6


The NiSi V6 is the most advanced 100mm filter holder we have ever created, with refined design based on feedback from photographers.

  • New integrated lock pin
  • New compact shape, easier removal of ND filters
  • Improved rails and adapter ring
  • New polariser cap and case

Glass Filters


All NiSi Filters are precision engineered from the highest quality H-K9L Optical Glass meaning they are completely distortion free and give the best in image quality. IR technology provides True-To-Life colour and Nano coatings help to reduce lens flare, repel oil contaminations and water, making them easier to clean on location.

NiSi Filters are available in a full range of Graduated for controlling and balancing exposure, and ND filters for reducing shutter speeds.

More Information on Nano Coated Optical Glass Filters

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Kits are available to suit all your needs, from Starter Kits to Advanced Kits. Contact me and I will be pleased to advise, or select the link for more information.

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